360 Degree Video Production Company

360 degree videos are special kind of video recordings in which a particular view in all directions is recorded simultaneously, and captured using a 360 degree camera or a collection of cameras. The Company Films is a professional 360° video production company specialized in the making of 360 degree videos using a high end omnidirectional dedicated camera or placing ordinary cameras at predetermined locations to achieve a perfect 360 degree video. Moreover, we perform sophisticated video edits; and synchronize audio and video tracks, to achieve the best possible result.

360° Panorama Videos Dubai UAE

Unlike the ordinary videos, 360 degree videos do not place any limits on the frame of the viewer. Watching a 360 degree video is an amazing experience, as it creates the simulation of a realistic view. Even though similar to the panoramic view, the 360 degree Panorama view can be tilted around and allows an angular view, and is much more interactive than the panoramic view. Our 360 degree videos enable our customers to choose a particular angle from where they wish to see the content. At The Company Films production house, we create videos according to the specific requirements of our customers, and customize the views accordingly.