Production House Dubai

Behind the scenes of an intriguing film or an ad video, there are is a large work force which contributes to its perfection. Every person in the Production house Dubai has an integral role to play in order to produce that unique video. Each film goes through different stages in the process of film production. The following are

What we do in Film Making


This is the starting point when the finances for the project are a go and ideas for the film are created. The rights to books/plays etc. are bought. Also the screenplay is written at this stage.


The preparations for the shooting is set and the cast and the film crew are hired. The locations for the shoot and the sets are built at this stage of Film production.


The video / film production is created and shot at this stage. Additional crew members like the assistant director, script supervisor, still photographers and picture & sound editors are recruited accordingly.


Here the film editor assemble and edits the film materials shot while production. The production sound is edited, the music tracks and songs are composed and sound effects are designed and recorded.


at this final stage of video production, the film is released to the cinemas and digital media. Copies are made to Film reels and hard disk drives and distributed for screening.
The method is followed around the globe by filmmakers of all times. It takes a firm with a repute to create a marvelous film. The company films have a reputation in Dubai for making quality ad videos and explainer video production for UAE. Our experience over the years in grants us, as the best choice for production house Dubai. Feel free to drop a query if you are on the lookout for creating a unique video for your business.