December 29, 2018

Corporate Video Production Increases Your Company’s brand value

Companies everywhere are looking for an effective strategy to share with their clients the value of their services, products, and brand.

Corporate video production companies in Dubai are the answer to their questions because they provide promotional videos for companies that work in different industries. The purpose of corporate videos is to share the story of the company and to tell it in a powerful way, to impress the audiences and to catch their attention.

Nowadays, video content is one of the most effective tools to attract viewers to a website. People find videos an engaging form of content, and they prefer animated explainer videos instead of written instructions when they want to find more about a new product.

Recent surveys from the Hubspot Content Trends state that around 55% of the people who get in touch with corporate content prefer its video form. Also, Forbes states that 60% of executives consider that videos have a greater power to attract audiences than texts.

But how does corporate video production builds your brand image?

A well-designed video can tell the story of the brand

Through a video, the prospective clients of a business have the possibility to find the story behind the brand. Companies should consider corporate video production Dubai as an opportunity to share their clients what makes them unique on the market. Videos also add a human element to businesses, because they use a combination of aural and visual stimulus. Corporate videos have a memorable impact on viewers.

Corporate videos help companies strengthen their authority

A well-crafted video can be quite effective in establishing a company as a leader on a market, and to convince audiences that it is a reliable brand. These videos are made with the purpose to show prospective clients that the company is a known brand, they focus on their consumer’s needs and requirements, and they keep up with the latest technological trends. A corporate video is an essential element in the buyer’s journey.

Corporate videos are focused on results

The companies that offer video production in Dubai and Abudhabi understand what the companies they collaborate with want to achieve. A deadline is established and according to the budget set by the company, the corporate video provider will deliver the needed content. Is this the big secret to effective promotional videos? Well, yes it is! Video providers create content that is both useful and interesting. And they do not stop here, they also craft content that gets across the main message of the brand, that connects emotionally with the audiences and that captivates.

Successful corporate video content is the one that compels prospects to take meaningful action, and this is what corporate video production Abudhabi companies do.

They believe that a promotional video is able to deliver the results companies want. They consider the companies they collaborate with their partners, so they are not only the suppliers. They take time to study the brand they work with, its goals, and the targeted audience. It takes dedication, passion and experience to create effective promotional video content.