March 31, 2018

Corporate Videos are the master salesperson for your brand

Corporate Videos have the ability to generate more sales and brand awareness than an entire team of salespeople. That isn’t hyperbole but fact. A good salesperson can seduce a contract at a time. However, a well-constructed and elegantly shot corporate video can seduce an audience of millions. You need to embrace the power of corporate video production in Dubai and help give your sales and marketing team the right tools to succeed.

Corporate Videos are more powerful than a team of salespeople

Corporate Videos have the power to engage with a far greater audience than any organization’s sales team. Whether you’re a micro-business start-up or Apple Inc., your sales team is the second most powerful sales outlet in your business. Your commercial filmmaking is the most powerful. Apple Inc. is an apt example. It’s 1996-1999 “Think, Differently!” advertising campaign revolutionized emotive filmmaking. The “Hello Mac” TV Advert engaged with the audience in a way business to consumer sales team could never imagine.

A TV Advert is the best way to boost a brand’s message and to help create an avenue for widespread distribution. The commercial is usually seen as a marketing exercise. However, it is also part of your sales team’s overarching success. The cost-effectiveness of TV commercial filmmaking is also another clear positive. A team of salespeople costs money, but in the longer-term, a sound commercial film can engage with a much greater audience at a lower cost.

Corporate Videos go beyond the normal terrain – they go viral

Great commercial filmmaking immerses audiences into a range of brand-centric perspectives that can persuade people to buy into that brand’s message. This is because the content is short, sweet and to the point – more importantly using emotions, persuasion, and well-crafted filmography – it can be shared worldwide across social network platforms. It can become viral and the power of persuasion becomes even stronger – in a way a sales team could never engage with.

The creative superstars at The Company Films can help craft bespoke Corporate Videos and commercials that use the power of emotion and persuasion to help elicit positive emotive buy-in. This leads to viral distribution – the research above proves this. Making the Corporate Videos and commercials can help your brand grow and expand in a way a sales team couldn’t. Why not call The Company Films today on +9715 5665 5407 to find out how we can help you create the corporate videos, animation videos, film commercial that becomes your number one salesperson?