March 17, 2018

Emotions are the best sellers

Brands need to utilise the power of emotion when creating tv commercial films. The way brands communicate their message through their commercial filmmaking is about the way emotion is both articulated and conveyed. Understanding the power of emotion can help brands flourish in an ever-competitive marketplace.

The science of emotive marketing can help us understand why emotions are the best-selling mechanism for brand promotion and sales success. As emotional creatures, human beings, feel a myriad of diverse emotions on a daily basis. Learning to nurture the four key emotions – sadness, happiness, anger, and surprise – can help marketers and filmmakers create brand-centric content that really engages with the audience’s emotive sense of self.

Put emotion at the center of your brand’s visual form – Commercial Films

The four key emotions, sometimes called the “mother emotions”, are essential when layering emotional context into the visual representation of a brand’s commercial filmmaking experience. The importance of nurturing these four strands of emotion is about balancing positivity. What some marketers call ‘energy exchange’ – which sees positivity help nurture strong links with positive ‘energy’ engagement. So, by creating TV commercial videos that are brand positive and emotively positive, you create content that has the ability to become popular – and even viral.

Creating Emotional Content helps build Consumer Trust

Creating TV commercial videos that nurture positive emotional connections help to nurture trust – both in the context of the brand and the marketing commercial film. This is about using not only positivity but the other three dynamics within the ‘mother’s emotions’ spectrum. By deploying anxiety, charity brands use commercial films to elicit Oxytocin – a stress hormone – to engender support. Fear of losing out, which is what retailers use in their commercial filmmaking, helps to create a sense of purpose within the user mindset. The same can be said of the research surrounding accident lawyers and their use of disgust/anger as a mechanism for engagement. All of this is conditioned within overarching brand positivity. Paradoxically, these experiences can create both anger and happiness with brand trust yet context distrust in place. This is the power of emotional commercial filmmaking.

The team at The Company Films can help develop Video Production that utilizes the power of emotion – using the entire “mother emotion” spectrum to help elicit strong consumer ‘buy-in’ with your brand’s identity and values – helping you to provide positive content. Why not call The Company Films today on +9715 5665 5407 to find out how we can help you use the power of emotion in your commercial filmmaking