February 13, 2018

How to make a Corporate Video?

Are you tasked with planning your perfect Corporate Video Production? Are you a marketing professional working for a large organisation tasked with the unenviable job of putting together a corporate video production for a marketing exercise? Why not get in touch with The Company Film, an innovative Dubai-based corporate video production house who can help you plan a successful corporate video and production experience.

Part One – Understand your Outcomes

You need to understand the desired outcome that will be derived from your video production content. Like any other marketing exercise, you will need to undertake market research to better identify your target audience. There are systems that can help you decode this information from other sources and metrics. Why not use the SMART system? Think about the Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound dynamics that surround your wider brand messaging. Our team can help you work and be SMART.

Part Two – Research your Brand’s Target Audience

By understanding, and therein defining, your target audience you can have a better overall understanding of your video content appeal. By understanding the appeal perspective, you can understand the wider engagement process. This can help you develop a vision based on your research that connects, appeals and engages your target audience. Always remember market research isn’t just about demographics, but about insight – how do your customers think? How do they see your brand as a solution to a problem in their own lives? This is the power of insight in relation to the engagement experience.

Part Three – What is your ‘Specific’ Message?

You’re specific, or even core, the message is about helping you to turn your researched insights and the outcomes gleaned earlier in your investigations to help you craft a bespoke message that provides a narrative response that helps the potential client or customer undertake a change of routine based on your message. This is about developing a message with a call to action – a purpose that is endowed within the essence of the corporate video. This essence will propel them to act – helping them to think and feel about your problem-solving brand solution.

Part Four – Understand Your Development Pathway

After you have understood the outcomes, done the market research and developed a message, you are theoretically set to film your corporate video. However, you need to pause and think about the strategy that leads to production/development conclusion. This about how you plan to create it – why you should use an external Dubai-based video production house instead of an in-house alternative? You need to understand how your ‘target audience’ will distribute your content. This is about understanding the social media share ability of your video content. Furthermore, you need to understand how you can repurpose your video for multiple uses – this means you get a better return-on-investment. Once you understand this development pathway, you are ready to begin your corporate video filmmaking production experience.

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