July 05, 2018

Impact of Videos in the UAE Trade Shows

Images which in the techno term is known as Info graphics, are undoubtedly worth a thousand words. But if that is a universally accepted truth in the current era, then videos, as a matter of fact, are remarkably valuable at a million words.

Under the umbrella of Data Visualisation, media production companies in Dubai can never afford to miss out a chance in order to enhance the visual conceptualization treat for their directed demographics.

From fortifying social media marketing to improving the real-time visual experience for an audience; videos have undoubtedly thrived as the most powerful tool for constructing a strong foundational identity for any company or their relative brand.

Media Production in the UAE

Trade shows in UAE are tumultuous; a hall crowded with a diverse mix of people, holding company brochures and leaflets, trying to reach out to the most attractive booth; whilst companies struggle hard to hook their audience’s attention. Trade shows in simple terms can be defined as a competition to stand out; a race where companies desire to gather an audience to hear and present their brand awareness efforts and familiarise the audience with their company.

Visual learners comprise 65% of the world’s population; this eventually makes video a persuasive tool at a trade show. You are sure to treat your viewers with an obvious imprint of what your company is and what are the expected outcomes of indulging in a business treaty with you.

When at a trade show, just one evocative video encoding a quick message, is capable of mesmerizing and captivating your desired audience to acquire everything they need to know about your business.

Your Constant Advertisement

The best way to engage and attract your potential audience is by employing a video centerpiece loop at your booth along with an interactive touchscreen display. Our world is crazily modernized and people love the touch element; provide it to them on a larger platform and they will fall for your strategy.

Videos at a trade show are a symbol of expertise and professionalism. First impressions can either make you or break you, and same is the case at a trade show. The booth is either destined to rise or fall, depending on your engagement approach. A top-notch video production with regard to quality and content is what will lay your first impression on buyers.

Company booths which are facilitated with video displays are bound to drive potential buyers and business leads to assume that this particular company was prepared to put up a great booth at the trade show, hence leading them to believe that the company is reliable and efficient to work with.

Your trade show video is a bait to attract your desired customers. However, similar to many great marketing tools, the influence that your video will have on the audience is manipulated by your video producer and designer and that is where media production companies in Dubai come into play. These companies comprise a name well known for its captivating graphic motion work – ‘The Company films’, and our videographers are experts at providing you with the right video for your trade show experience.