September 11, 2020

Quality Over Quantity – The Inescapable Truth

Have you ever heard someone say that something is a case of quality over quantity? Well, they are in fact telling you the truth. As a filmmaking team, you have to realize that it’s not just about how many films you can churn out that will be responsible for your success.

Everything that you produce as a brand will represent you. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to get the best possible types of experiences, to really push the bar in terms of what you create, and to make sure that you produce something worthwhile.

Taking Your Time

When it comes to creating adverts and content, you should really stop and take your time. Just because you can create five promotional pieces a year, that doesn’t mean that you should. In some cases, it may be better to make one really good piece each year.

If the quality of your advert or marketing tool is low, then it will mislead the customer in terms of what they think about your brand. They may think that you are not a very good company, that you don’t necessarily have a good product, because the film that you have created to promote the product is of such a low quality.

The Benefits of Quality

When it comes to making material, if you slow down and take your time, you will definitely see some better results.

For example, take Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino. In his entire career, the man has made less than 10 films as of 2020. However, his name is legendary, and the films that he makes are often award-winning masterpieces.

Why? Because he takes his time. He is picky about the way he does things. He doesn’t rush the project, he doesn’t rush ideas or concepts, instead he takes a plot, fleshes it out properly, and then dedicates himself to making the best possible rendition of that particular film.

If we took this train of logic and put it into the context of creating advertisements, we find that when it comes to the algorithms behind Facebook and Instagram, engagement of the video is more important than the number of people it reaches. Basically, it’s less about creating hundreds of 30-second adverts, and more about creating adverts that again engage with people on a better level, because this is really important for making sure everything works in the way it should.

In conclusion, especially now during the current climate, there is definitely something to be said for slowing down and taking your time to create films. It’s important to recognize that audiences want a good film, they want something that will give them a proper understanding of your brand, and if your product is rushed, and of poor quality, this will reflect badly on you. Take your time, explore all of the different options that you have available, and then start to create a piece of content. Don’t rush. Don’t try and get it done quickly because you want to push out more and more projects. Instead, develop your ideas properly, and you’ll see the difference.