August 24, 2020

The Wonderfully New Age of Digital Media

There’s no doubt that a lot of media is changing. What was a constant 10 years ago is now no longer just that, and it makes people curious as to what will follow.

We’re definitely seeing a shift towards the digital at the moment. It’s an interesting change, and one which will no doubt have considerable impact on life as we know it.

The New World

It’s definitely an exciting new world. We are starting to see a shift towards digital media, and it’s starting to overtake everything.

The Internet is rapidly becoming the playground of the young. The people who were there at the start of the Internet, the older, more business types, they are not really as much of a presence anymore. Keeping up is difficult. Nowadays, it’s all about Instagram feeds, and TikTok accounts.

A lot of brands are trying quite desperately to tap into this hidden demographic, because they understand the value it brings.

A Rare Opportunity

What we are starting to see, now more than ever, is the brands and businesses are trying to integrate themselves into the everyday lives of the young, socially aware audiences who have spending power and the ability to really push the reputation of a brand up.

One of the best ways to reach people at the minute is film. Whether it’s a short video on Instagram, or Netflix, or Amazon prime video, people respond well to video content now.

Consequently, this presents a glorious opportunity for brands and businesses everywhere. If they can create a video that will grab the attention of people, then they can use that to transmit information, sell products, encourage traffic to the website, and do all of this in about 30 to 40 seconds.

A Word of Warning

A word of warning is probably wise because it’s not as simple as people think it is to capture the interest of a generation on social media or the Internet.

Part of this process involves telling a story in such a way that the audience is going to like it and not you. This means that you have to understand what the current trends are, what people respond to, what is popular, things like that. The modern generation, generally speaking, likes strong, diverse audience representation, they like stories with emotion, stories with meaning, films which aren’t just hollow sales advertisements.

In conclusion, the shift towards a more digital world has definitely changed everything. Advertisements, television programmes, films, these are all changing to suit the times. It’s probably likely that we’re going to see a shift towards a completely Internet-based world. With streaming websites and services now becoming more and more popular, it’s obvious that people want to really tap into this new generation, but many don’t know how to do it. If you can figure it out, if you can be the business that is going to make this happen, then you have a massive opportunity in front of you. There is literally so much you can do, and the potential to grow your business is astronomical.