January 09, 2018

Think about the long-term brand future, not the monthly billing cycle

It is very easy to get caught up in the monthly billing cycle. You need to make sure your business’ bills are paid on time. You need to think about all your marketing outlay and how the cost will be covered. However, whilst we are not advocating you overlook these details, many companies fail to understand that long-term sustainable brand development is based on longer-term strategy. This article will outline how such approaches can work for you and why you need to adopt this approach now in – we will look at the power of ‘experience’ brand marketing and why long-term strategies based on ‘experience’ will help you develop a trustworthy brand through the film production and power of creative communications.

What the ‘Pros’ think?

Many academics, industry influencers, and practitioners extol the virtues of the long-term brand building as the de facto way of developing a premium brand. The best way to help highlight this reality is to help look at the strategic divergence that exists between two traditional models of marketing and brand development – strategic brand development and tactical sales and marketing. Academics argue that brand development success based on long-term content creation is predicated on the development of trustworthy brand principles. Other scholars argue that long-term brand strategies succeed by creating experience-orientated content.

Tactical Sales and Marketing – “Bringing home the bacon”

It was Geoffrey Chaucer who suggested that devotion to a task could be rewarded – hence the proverbial usage of ‘bringing home the bacon’. The idea that work could be rewarded has become a central tenet of business ideology. However, this is an incredible short-termism attitude. The cold calling, data lead generation, networking and marketing campaigns is a component-led approach that attracts short-term engagement from clients. This can help generate short-term revenue, but in the long-term can create an atmosphere of short-termism that could diminish your brand value.

Long-Term Thinking

There is another way – long-term strategic brand development. This is a profile-based approach that utilizes the reputation of a company to generate business. By building a strong brand and a strong public profile/persona, a brand can generate a more compassionate awareness from the wider public. It also means that public buy-in is easier to elicit – as the wider public will understand what the company does and as such in the longer-term can help create a competitive edge between your company and your competitors. Utilising a strong brand identity can help nurture success through digital, film production company and creative content outlets.


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