April 18, 2018

Top Corporate Video Production Trends for 2020: What Marketers Needs to Know

There’s no denying that corporate video has become a permanent fixture within the business world, but that’s not to say that thing haven’t changed behind the scenes. Because most people will consume a majority of their Facebook fix while mobile, there’s potential everywhere for the corporate video to make the right impression when promoting their brand online. However, for marketers to ensure their corporate video is making the right impression, they must be aware of current trends within the video production sector. here we explained the Corporate Video Production Trends for 2018

Employees Paint the Picture

In the past, many companies will have had their CEO or spokesperson host their video content, but many are slowly realizing how alluring the stories of employees can be. Regardless of whether a business is looking to offer more information in relation to an available job role or offering customers more information in relation to the true backbone of the business, allowing employees to paint a picture of their role via corporate video can really cement the benefits of working for a company, or what it means to be part of your expanding enterprise.

360 Video Is No Longer a Novelty, But a Necessity

When 360 videos were first unleashed, it was easy to dismiss it as nothing more than a novelty. A series of YouTube videos have made full use of the 360 features and have allowed viewers to consume content with cost-affordable peripherals, such as Google Cardboard.

Businesses continue to embrace what 360 videos can offer and use it to their advantage in several different ways. Guided tours can be carried out online, and the immersive qualities of 360 video can offer potential employees an overview of the business and the role without having to arrange a meeting.

Those offering cruises and luxury travel could offer potential travelers the chance to look round while offering them sound bites surrounding to the benefits of the trip. The use of 360 video offers more than a gimmick, but a way of immersing a customer in your brand and giving them a better overview when compared to more conventional marketing methods.

Keep It Short

The production of a corporate video doesn’t have to match the runtime of Hollywood blockbusters to make an impression. In fact, many brands are making use of the “stories” feature seen on several social network sites. Although these videos last a mere few seconds, produced in the right way, they can still have the same impact as longer videos online. What’re more these types of videos can often entice more viewers as they disappear after a period, meaning that online viewers could be missing out if they don’t click.

YouTube ads also see businesses use short advertising videos to make an impression. Although long YouTube ads can be created, many will look to deliver their message or promotion in the first few seconds before viewers are able to skip the ad.

The corporate video production continues to evolve, as do the trends that go with it. Staying on top of developing trends ensures that a business can promote its brand in several different ways.