January 04, 2018

TV Commercials are the biggest salesperson of the 21st century

The TV Commercials is the single biggest salesperson of the Twentieth Century. Fact. It sold a changing world to a changing populace whilst introducing brand loyalties into the equation. The ability to connect directly with people in their homes created a relationship that some now question in the twenty-first century – is the TV commercials still relevant in a TIVO/YouTube world? This article will highlight why the trusty commercial can still engage with the right audience through the persuasive power of emotive telly!

The Impact of TV Commercials

The TV commercial has the power to help persuade individuals, to engage individuals and to leave individuals in awe. This power is based on the value, and therein benefits, the factor of TV commercials against other avenues of marketing communications. The impact is not without academic inquiry. Academics agree that TV commercials are considered the most effective medium to better influence the purchase decisions of consumers. This is because individuals engaging with the commercial have less defensive barriers due to the location of their commercial consumption. By watching commercials in the safety of their own home, they can engage in a more sentient way. This is why advertisers understand that nurturing positive consumer decisions through commercials can lead to cohesive long-term brand loyalties.

The Multi-channel TV Commercial

The commercial is changing. The ad-free explosion of the internet has created a conundrum for marketers and producers worldwide. However, in reality, the changing web-sphere and the changing televisual experience has created a new landscape that requires a multi-channel approach to commercial filmmaking. A twenty-first-century commercial will be viewed on a billboard industrial screen, a cinema screen, a home TV, a desktop computer, a tablet or games console and even a mobile smartphone. The myriad of platforms creates a strange convergence in relation to the commercial.

What is required is a new ‘experience’-based approach to commercial filmmaking. The rise of ‘experience’ commercials – as seen by Mercedes-Benz, Estrella Beer, and Samsung – are a by-product of this new uncertain multi-channel commercial landscape. The new commercial for this uncertain century requires a new perspective, a new gaze and a new focus – all emotionally engaged with the ‘experience’ phenomena. By developing commercials that engage with ‘experience’ driven functionalities, users across a range of different platforms can engage in a way that helps them find brand loyalty in a multi-channel environment based on an emotive ‘experience’ defining the engagement process

Why Are TV Commercials the Salesperson of the Twenty-first Century?

The reality of this ever-changing landscape is that, as a commercial marketer or marketing manager, you need a video production company that can help re-define your TV commercial proposal by deploying multi-channel applicability through the emotive power of ‘experience’. The individual impact of commercial filmmaking is without a doubt. The academic arguments stated in this article are a testament to the power of commercial filmmaking in defining the purchase decisions of millions – through engaging commercial filmmaking. Our team can help you navigate this perilous pathway towards commercial filmmaking success by re-aligning your TV commercials and helping them become the salesperson of the entire century