November 09, 2018

Types of Corporate Videos and Their Uses

Video platforms are becoming popular. In fact, the media is so popular that the companies are now recognizing how important it is to have some form of corporate video in place to promote their product or service.

A business can leverage video to deliver pitches and information that cries for attention and ensures that your marketing endeavors are heading in the right direction.

However, to know how to approach the work of video marketing in the right way, it’s useful to know what options are available to a company.

Company Profile

A company profile gives an overview of the company and helps potential customers recognize the inner workings and ethics of a business. It also allows CEOs, manager, and employees to give their take on the company, and what makes it so appealing. This kind of video is ideal for businesses looking for investment, or even those looking to take on new employees.

Commercial for Broadcast

When it comes to corporate video production in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, using video from commercial broadcast can perhaps be one of the most expensive forms of corporate videos, but it’s also one that can yield a return on investment.

While this option won’t be the right solution for every business, those keen to expand into television commercials need to ensure that the job is undertaken by seasoned professionals.

Commercial for Online Use

It would be easy to assume that there is very little difference between a commercial for broadcast and the online equivalent, but this isn’t always the case.

Firstly, many online commercials are between 30 and 60 seconds long. This can be done for several reasons, but many businesses find it’s beneficial to get the point across as quickly as possible.

In some instances, companies will try and make their online commercials as little as 10 seconds long, especially when it comes to advertisements on YouTube, as videos any longer can be skipped.

Staff Training

For a business to operate the right way, it must ensure that its employees are fully abreast of current developments and procedures.

Although staff training is nothing new, it hasn’t always been a faultless endeavor. While some companies have access to professionals, others may be following a guidebook, which can mean the information isn’t being absorbed in the right way.

Using a corporate video for staff training can be directed at everyone in the company, a specific department, vendors, and clients.

Customer Testimonials

Want to promote your product or service using customer feedback, but want to do something more than the written word? Then why not consider filming your customer’s testimonials for your company’s website or social media profile.

Video testimonials build a bond with potential customers, as they’re getting positive feedback from consumers as opposed to the business itself.


When it comes to corporate video, there are many approaches that can be taken, meaning that a corporate video is limited to a particular niche, brand or genre.