June 09, 2018

Why Corporate Videos are Essential for Your Business

Corporate video production in Dubai used to be something that only major corporations would invest in. Before the age of the internet, it cost a lot of money to produce corporate videos and get them viewed by a targeted audience. Now corporate videos have become digitalized and home audiences are viewing these videos on their computers all throughout the world. For this reason, businesses of all sizes need to create corporate videos to promote their brand and products. Otherwise, they will be missing a huge percentage of their target audience that exclusively watches videos on the internet.

People are Visual Learners

Content marketing through text advertisements is becoming obsolete. With all the advancements in digital video technology, people of the modern age have become visual learners. They would rather not spend the time or energy having to read about your brand or its products. Instead, they would rather sit back and watch a one-minute video which explains everything about the brand to them. The visual presentation of the corporate videos makes it easier for audiences to remember various aspects of your business. They’ll just be able to picture the images in their head, such as the image of your logo.

Company Professionalism

Anyone can post up text advertisements. Since people are skeptical of so many things they see and read, they are not going to trust some random text advertisement in front of them. After all, how will they know this text advertisement was written by a professional company? Even if the grammar and language are correct, it still doesn’t give people a clear sense of who they are dealing with. Corporate videos, on the other hand, will clearly show audiences how professional a company is. If a video looks visually pleasing while providing a lot of useful information, it will make people think of your company as professional. This will lead to a feeling of trust, which will then lead to a possible sale.

Corporate Videos – Easier to Share

Have you ever heard of someone sharing a text advertisement? Of course not, because it never happens. When people click a share button for anything, they are usually sharing a video or picture. Corporate videos in Dubai are important to create because they will be shared by many people. This will generate free word-of-mouth traffic that will build your list of followers and create more trust for your brand. The trick to getting people to play your videos is choosing the right thumbnail image. This is the first image that people see before they push the play button. If the image is wacky or creative, people will be curious enough to push the play button. From there, they will be presented with your corporate video.

Multiple Distribution Methods

There are virtually endless numbers of ways that you can distribute your corporate videos. The most popular video distribution methods will be your website and social media pages. However, you can also place these videos on video sharing websites like YouTube for free. If you want to also go the classic route and advertise on television, you can use the same online video for your television commercial too. This means that you don’t have to pay to produce a studio quality commercial.

Boost Your Brand’s Image

Corporate videos give you the chance to expose your company and brand in so many ways. Primarily, your brand’s image will clearly be seen by everyone. You can interview employees in the workplace or get testimonials from satisfied customers. Although interviews and testimonials could always be written down, they wouldn’t be as effective as seeing the interviews and testimonials on video. It gives audiences a sense that they are real people and not just made up.