January 19, 2019

Why You Should Use Animation Videos in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing is about telling your audience about the value of your products and services. Organizations today have clearly understood the significance of content marketing and its impact on the digital world. Popular research statistics have educated and encouraged people in recent times concerning the merits of this approach to marketing. And so, animation companies in Dubai to have chosen to leverage this method just like leading brands situated in other parts of the world.


Animation videos are a leading representative of your organization, as they add to your credibility. With more than half of the human population being visual learners, building your brand image with your video animation is perhaps the most useful tool to leverage.

Create an Engaging Corporate Presentation

The animation is seen as the most useful tool for enlivening dull messages. A corporate presentation is supposed to be formal but nowhere does it say that you can’t be creative and make your work attractive. Animation turns the complex and critical information into a fun and engaging content. There are a number of animation studios in Dubai that you can look up if you want to have an animated video made for your brand. You can get an idea of t equality of the content they create through the videos they display on their websites.

Simplify anything that’s Complex

While animation does require programming code, the content for the consumer at the front end becomes way more digestible. This is because actions can do and say much more than static images and text. It has the capacity to convey complex information in a simplified form. And with a proper voice over and comprehensive graphics, your animation video can work perfectly to convey precisely what you desire.

Helpful to Instruct:

Videos lead the way in terms of teaching aids too. However, in order to make a live video, there are certain factors that should be in your favor, such as; your budget, the location you need and the necessary performers. For an animated video, you can customize everything. Some of the best animation studios in Dubai can create a truly classy animated video based on your precise demand.

Outrank the Competition

Unique content will always stand out. Although animated videos are not that new when it comes to using them in marketing strategies, it would be totally unique for you to send your company portfolio in the shape of an animated video that could be just a few minutes long. In terms of applying these videos, there are tonnes of things you could try.

More Sharing

Cartoons and animation are loved by all human beings, and humans are naturally drawn to this kind of content. Videos comprise the majority of shared content, far more than images and text combined. Cisco studies suggest that global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. There are many Animation Companies in Dubai that can help you leverage this powerful medium and spread your brand name like wildfire.