We make films

Film production is a language that expresses a thought, vision, and imagination. At The Company Films, visual communication is our lingua franca. From commercials to corporate video production, from digital content films to animation shorts. We speak films. Hence, our films speak for us.


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    Enlighten us with your thoughts, let’s paint it together and make films. We possess full-fledged infrastructure to meet any kind of video production requirements. Our approach to film & video production in Dubai is end-to-end.

    We create films of different genres and formats, tailored to suit any platform. Our films cater to the strategy and requirements of the client. We consistently aspire for perfection as well as polish our skills to bring out beautiful films.

    We create films. films for you,
    all your thoughts and imaginations will be addressed and given life.

    At The Company Films, our reels roll across the globe. Founded a decade ago in Dubai, the first words we spoke were that of films. In fact, we are a merry band of passionate artists that produces international films and commercial videos. Specifically, we produce corporate videos, motion graphic animation videos, travel series, documentaries and offer other production services.

    What you get with us is motion pictures in varied formats. With unconventional storytelling and the latest infrastructure. We make your brand or product resonate through films. All this with the creative team that is experienced, passionate and talented.

    A Few Of Our Clients