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Capes of Good


We feel at home where we are comfortable while on the short stay of a great voyage called life. We anchor our skills there with the firm rope of intelligence and expertise into that land, these are the pieces of land on which we perform our actions of CREATIVITY and PRODUCTION.

We have well-equipped Animation Studio in Dubai and produce high-quality animation Films and commercials. We have state of the art expertise in 3D and Infographics. We focus on graphics that are in vogue and has universal appeal.
Established as the top Video Production Company in Dubai, We have notable achievements in this field. As TV Commercials are prone to style change time to time we should be able to equip ourselves with the momentum. And we embrace this unpredictability.
Corporate video production is another area which the Film Company made a meaningful mark. Corporate video production is a huge canvas. As wide as the commercial world. We have made short, animated films to multi layered corporate videos.
We create in the house and out house documentaries. We document it with our documentaries.
Line production is an integral part of movie production. We well manage it.
The rare human artistic exercise which Life turns its head and look back is to its own stilled moment.

Latest Works

We the Company films, a Video  Production Company in Dubai, UAE has proved the mettle in different areas of video production