The Company Films - Media Production Companies in Dubai UAE

Capes of good hope

We feel at home where we are comfortable while on the short stay of a great voyage called life. We anchor our skills there with the firm rope of intelligence and expertise into that land, these are the pieces of land on which we perform our actions of creativity and production.

we do

On our short stay at the great voyage of life, rowing through storms and rough waters, through fog and mist, we fasten the ropes firm to move the bow ahead with aspiration and creativity, perfection and innovation- never going astern. We believe in seeking and reaching out to calmer waves of brighter hues, and we do reach them.

Film Production

Film production- the splendid amalgamation of thoughts, craft, talent, and perseverance. with visually intriguing narrative, aesthetic mise en scene that adds to the production value and its heart at the right place, a film takes within the viewer’s intellect and travels on.

Animation Videos

Right from the primary principle of using stroboscopes, to the modern rigging technique, animation films garner the interest and attention of the viewers instantaneously. Technical expertise coupled with the right ideas gives life to exuberant animated films.

Corporate Videos

Elevating the core value of the organisation by the fulcrum of engrossing story-telling, corporate video is an integral factor in the current marketing strategy. With an intriguing, innovative, and insightful narrative, corporate videos should stay true to its purpose of intelligently feeding information.

TV Commercials

Since the very inception, TV commercials have proven to be eminent in reaching out effectively to the spectators. We constantly aspire to perfect the art of churning out path-breaking commercials by abstaining from conventional story-telling techniques.

Digital Films

The new wave of advertising has broadened its horizon to highly accessible digital platforms which in turn has challenged creators to tailor changes in the narrative and weave out films tailored to suit the new platform requisites.

Travel Series

Walking through the geographical and cultural fabric of diverse regions, travel series are to be as intriguing as it is informative. Capturing the essence of the scenic locales and mesmerising the viewers by portraying the soul of the region, travel series’ have consistently achieved popularity for it’s insightful and educational factors.

Line Production

Every vision demands the right pillar of support from the Line production team, for its seamless execution. Working closely with the production and the creative team, with intricate planning and scheduling, determining “below the line” expenses, and assembling the team, line producers pull out all stops for successful and effective execution of any project.

Post Production

Our approach to film is holistic and we believe that the post-production stage enjoys the lion’s share in determining the quality of any film. Insatiable hunger for perfection and the thirst to stay updated with latest technological advancements, have proven to be the symptoms of a great film.

The company approach

The Company Films is hard-nosed in nerding out tools and technical know-how to create films with a clear sense of purpose by distilling complex propositions to strategic campaigns in the form of simpler narratives that evoke intrigue. We are media production specialists, covering all areas of production from the initial briefing stage, to filming, post-production and motion graphics animation.

We consistently aspire to be responsive, flexible and agile to innovative ideas and strive towards delivering films in frighteningly short timescales. We understand that every production is different, so we meet each project with enthusiasm and a plethora of creative ideas on how to connect effectively with the target audience.

Client Meeting and Briefing

The inception of the journey to understand and grasp the client’s requirements and design the project.

Scripting and Storyboard

Conceptualizing, visualizing and jotting it down on papers with diligent research.

Pre-production and Schedule

Carefully designing the production and procuring all the requirements for smooth production.

Production and Post-Production

The nucleus of a fruitful project. Ensuring the right technical expertise and attention to detail.

Final Out and Claps

Ensuring that the final product meets all the motives and requirements of the project, and delivering the film in the committed timescale.