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Capes of good hope

We feel at home where we are comfortable while on the short stay of a great voyage called life. We anchor our skills there with the firm rope of intelligence and expertise into that land, these are the pieces of land on which we perform our actions of creativity and production.

we do

At The Company Films, we believe that excellence is what separates us from the rest. We anchor our skills on intelligence and expertise. As a result, it helps us be creative with every aspect of production. From the Storyboard to Final Cut, our services make things happen.

Film Production

Collaborating thoughts, craft, and talent to offer you visually captivating films. With top-notch production values. Hence, creating films that take viewers on a journey.

Animation Videos

We create beautiful animated films – 2D and 3D. Right from as basic a primary principle of using a stroboscope, to the latest rigging and rendering techniques.

Corporate Videos

Captivating storytelling that is the base of the core values of your brand. That’s what we seek through our Corporate Videos. In fact, we make them to enhance your brand legacy.

TV Commercials

Changing traditional ways of telling stories in TV Commercials. In fact, bringing to life newer and better ways of filmmaking. Without compromising on the soul.

Digital Films

The new wave in advertising – which brings fresh approaches across digital platforms. We constantly aspire to make films relevant to new audiences.

Travel Series

Travel is the best way to bring out the cultural fabric of any nation. We travel, capture the breath and the emotions of the place it’s people. As a result, we create intriguing, mesmerizing content.

Line Production

The pillar of support for any film team is the Line Production team. Our production team works closely with the creative team to pull out all stops for making every project successful.

Post Production

Our film making approach does not end with just shooting a film, but extends beyond to the Post Production stage. Here, we weave magic with editing, music, grading and more.

The company

The Company Films is hard-nosed in nerding out tools and technical know-how to create films with a clear sense of purpose by distilling complex propositions to strategic campaigns in the form of simpler narratives that evoke intrigue. We are media production specialists, covering all areas of production from the initial briefing stage, to filming, post-production and motion graphics animation.

We consistently aspire to be responsive, flexible, and agile to innovative ideas and strive towards delivering films in frighteningly short timescales. We understand that every production is different, so we meet each project with enthusiasm and a plethora of creative ideas on how to connect effectively with the target audience.

Client Meeting and Briefing

The inception of the journey to understand and grasp the client’s requirements and design the project.

Scripting and Storyboard

Conceptualizing, visualizing and jotting it down on papers with diligent research.

Pre-production and Schedule

Carefully designing the production and procuring all the requirements for smooth production.

Production and Post-Production

The nucleus of a fruitful project. Ensuring the right technical expertise and attention to detail.

Final Out and Claps

Ensuring that the final product meets all the motives and requirements of the project, and delivering the film in the committed timescale.


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