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We make films

Film production is a journey through the passages of thought and imagination. at the end, the thought is visually interpreted and imagination given shape. We guide you through the passages help any thread to bloom and find its world of visual communication.


Spill some hues on your thoughts, let’s paint it together and make films. We have the full-fledged infrastructure to meet any kind of video content production assignments. Our approach to video production is end-to-end, and by preference.

Across animation, we then team up with some of the most recognised illustrators in the world. For live-action, our videos are then shot with the same cameras used on your favourite series, and for good reason — we’re obsessed with high-quality work, and video content that performs well above expectations.

hues to
our canvas

Recognition from over 40-plus prestigious international film festival awards to our name, is a reflection of the ongoing quality of our film production and commercial video production services.

While we have film production house in Dubai and video production service in Dubai, UAE, we work with clients across, Middle East – and beyond. We love to travel, and we work to make it and deliver the best video contents for our clients.

Film production company in Dubai, our reels roll across the globe

We create films. films for you,
all your thoughts and imaginations
will be addressed and given life.

The Company Films, a film and video production house based in Dubai, live platform for creative video production. Its a merry band of passionate artists diligent in aspiring for works that carve its own niche in the bandwagon. The mastery incorporated with solid infrastructure is always prone to give best video contents. Always aspiring for perfection in any creation, we give ordinary visual aspects of life and action a lift. Our line of work includes live production of international films, commercial video production, corporate videos, motion graphic animation videos, travel series, documentaries and a variety of other result-focused media production services.

The creative minds who are employed as personnel, are selected from a large pool of applicants based on their creativity, prior work experience and sheer passion for film production. We acquired multi-layered hands-on experience in film production – as a video and film production company having varied resources and clear vision, The Company Films made noteworthy steps ahead. wide eyes for media production in Dubai, UAE in the country and across the globe, versatile skills technical network for films – all under one hub.