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Film production is a journey through the passages of thought and imagination. at the end, the thought is visually interpreted and imagination given shape. We guide you through the passages…help any thread to bloom and find its world of communication.

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We, The Company Films, a Video Production Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE has proved the mettle in different areas of video production

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We feel at home where we are comfortable while on the short stay of a great voyage called life. We anchor our skills there with the firm rope of intelligence and expertise into that land, these are the pieces of land on which we perform our actions of CREATIVITY and PRODUCTION.

We have well-equipped media production house in Dubai and produce high-quality animation Films and commercial videos. We have state of the art expertise in 3D, Explainer, and Infographics. We focus on graphics that are in vogue and has universal appeal.
Corporate video production is another area which the Film Company made a meaningful mark. Corporate video production is a huge canvas. As wide as the commercial world. We have made short, animated films to multi layered corporate videos.
Established as the top Video Production Company in Dubai, We have notable achievements in this field. As TV Commercials are prone to style change time to time we should be able to equip ourselves with the momentum. And we embrace this unpredictability.
Covering each and every aspect of your post-production process, we adapt to suit your needs. Our aim is to deliver a bespoke offering that encompasses all of the necessary processes to ensure high standards. As far as we are concerned, the quality lies in the detail.
We providing best-in-class video editing services, we convert your raw footage into an awesome finished product.
We create documentaries that can tap the human as well as imaginative dimensions of the creator
Line production is an integral part of video production, media and movie production. We will manage the line production.
The mental and material frame of the creator should be coordinated and visually aligned. We have speaking records.



We create films. Films for you. All your thoughts and imaginations will be addressed and given life.

The Company Films, a Corporate Video Production Company in Dubai, UAE is a Live platform for creative video production. The mastery incorporated with solid infrastructure is always prone to give best results. Always aspiring for perfection in any creation, we at this top Corporate Video Production Company, give ordinary visual aspects of life and action a lift. In our Corporate Video Production House, Animation films, corporate films, and TV commercials are effectively created.

We acquired multi-layered hands-on experience in corporate film production – As a Corporate Video production company having varied resources and clear vision, The Company Films made noteworthy steps ahead. Wide eyes for media production in Dubai, versatile skill for Ad films and technical network for animation films – all under one hub.

The Company Films is a providing the best Corporate Video Production in Dubai, UAE. We are specialized in a number of videography services including the production of 3D animation videos, TV commercials, product launching videos, company events, documentary film production, corporate photography, Time-lapse videos and Corporate video production in Dubai, video editing services etc.


We also do post-production works of the films at our production house in Dubai. Welcome to the online arena of the top Film Production Company in Dubai. Here we showcase some of our best works as a Corporate video production company and display other features for its marketing and advertising purposes. Let’s get you to know more about the company films and the services we offer.

The company films as a brand for film production companies in Dubai started out in the early years of the millennium and thrives towards bringing new and unique visuals and concepts for our valued corporate partners. The firm acquires the latest in technology like 360-degree film production equipment and techniques to sustain its reputation as the market leader in video advertising.


The creative minds who are employed as personnel, are selected from a large pool of applicants based on their creativity, prior work experience and sheer passion for corporate film production. Over the years, this Video Production Company in Dubai has risen on top as the pioneer in modern day video advertising and animation studios in Dubai.

The corporate video advertising has taken a turn towards producing animated and three-dimensional videos for advertising. An important reason for which is the cost efficiency of such video when compared with creating traditional ad video that involves casting of actors and personnel. The specialty of being a prominent animation company in Dubai has brought the company films to its present-day fame and reputation.

Advertisement videos represented by animated characters and themes are seen to create a notable impact on the minds of the consumers. Our animation studio in Dubai has a rather good showcase of work to its name which ought to convince you in deciding The Company Films as your video advertising partner.

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