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Successfully producing and publishing high-quality content videos for brands without exceeding the time frame established from the very beginning is a daunting, sometimes impossible mission. Even though no two projects are the same, the teams keep facing the same basic challenges.

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The competitiveness of the video landscape should become an incentive for making the most out of the significant video investment. Everything from planning and producing to promoting must be approached smartly for noticeable returns. A relevant and unforgettable video demands focusing the investment on the process, not the product, writing a clear and simple script, knowing when to host and post, adding pertinent titles, descriptions, and tags, alerting the audience about the existence of the video and tracking attention span. We can guide you throughout all these crucial stages so that you remain to focus on your video goals and surprise the public with quality content. When it comes to video shoots, “winging it” is not an option. Preparation and organization represent the main two factors leading to a successful content video production project. Instead of thinking about last-minute logistics, directing the actors will ensure that everything goes smoothly. The set and the video subject are things that one must consider a long time before the actual shooting. The main pre-production tip that we can offer is “stay original”.

Moving on to the actual video production process, it includes many steps, which consist in achieving superior sound recording quality, setting up all the lights and eliminating uninvited shadows, using a tripod for stability, locking the exposure to keep the camera focused and splitting the shots into thirds. Professionals call the latter “the rule of thirds” and we can highlight its necessity because it creates more life and movement in the video. In what concerns video editing, it gives another chance for determining the meaningfulness of the content and making certain subtle changes that will have a great impact. Everything from the pacing, the structure, and the tone of the video represent details that can influence the audience and capture its attention. Optimizing video text and video for the platform, adding background soundtracks, and building tension for controlling the public response are all imperative steps of the video editing process.


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