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Post-production plays a very crucial role in shaping up a good film. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and experienced talent ensure the best post-production services.

Post-Production Company and VFX Studio

Award-Winning Post-Production Studio based in Dubai

Educated, skilled, and passionate
about what we do, our space is
unique, warm, stylish and welcoming.

Film making is a holistic process with the post-production stage playing a pivotal role in determining the quality of any film. Irrespective of the genre of the project, our competent, talented post-production team works closely from the start of a project. The team gives inputs, and collaborate on a single vision. As a result, every shot stands a class apart. In fact, we often take the clients on a journey through the process. Further, with state-of-the-art color grading suites, mixing studios, voice-over, and a variety of offline editing facilities, our work exhibits a touch of finesse.


Talent, technology, and vision combined in the pursuit of perfection, from the simple to the spectacular, we help you to create award-winning content in an inspirational environment.


our colorists bring instinct and experience to every project, using an almost infinite palette of possibilities to artistically enrich and enhance the look and feel of your production.


from the quietest pin drop to an earth-shattering explosion, our audio experts have an ear for detail that will ensure every element of your audio is absolutely pitch perfect.


working with the most advanced and innovative technology, designed to push the boundaries of possibility, our passionately creative VFX specialists bring inspiration to every project.


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