The Company Films - Post Production - VFX Studio in Dubai, UAE


The Company provides world-class creative talent, award winning post production services and state of the art facilities from the heart of Dubai. By brilliantly blending creativity with technology, we deliver something special that keeps the world’s leading broadcasters, production companies and creative agencies coming back time and again.

Post-Production Company and VFX Studio

Award-Winning Post-Production Studio based in Dubai

Educated, skilled, and passionate
about what we do, our space is
unique, warm, stylish and welcoming.

Whatever the project, our talented post-production editors, colourists, audio experts and VFX specialists collaborate on a single vision, your vision, to bring the imagination, enthusiasm and expertise that makes every shot everything you want it to be. We deliver VFX production services in Dubai with mix network of directors and production experts, we have the ability to create end projects that look and sound stunning. Our finishing facilities in post-production studio are state-of-the-art offer color grading suites, mixing studios, voice-over capabilities, and a variety of offline editing facilities.

We have created thousands of edits for our partner clients for a variety of projects. Video genres include feature films, commercial films, animations and edited footage shot by producers around the world, and video content for corporate presentations. In terms of client feedback and adapting to a brief, we make sure all feedback is dealt with efficiently and clearly. We also take care of sound design, music composition, visual effects, and sound mixing. This is an often overlooked aspect of post-production. With our sound editing experience, we can improve your video tenfold.


We tailor our workflow and processes to suit clients across all sectors. We are able to apply our technical and creative expertise to all types of film. This includes full documentary features, factual categories, and post-production services.

We, The Company films, vfx and post-production studio from the heart of Dubai, UAE has proved the mettle in different areas of post-production services in the country and across the globe.



Talent, technology, and vision combined in the pursuit of perfection, from the simple to the spectacular, we help you to create award-winning content in an inspirational environment.



our colorists bring instinct and experience to every project, using an almost infinite palette of possibilities to artistically enrich and enhance the look and feel of your production.



from the quietest pin drop to an earth-shattering explosion, our audio experts have an ear for detail that will ensure every element of your audio is absolutely pitch perfect.



working with the most advanced and innovative technology, designed to push the boundaries of possibility, our passionately creative VFX specialists bring inspiration to every project.