November 21, 2018

Guidelines for Determining Your Ideal Corporate Video Length

Human minds are more inclined to grab and retain information in the form of images and videos. Research shows that an average viewer remembers 95% of the information presented when it is in the form of a video.

In the corporate world, everything is about communication, presentation and marketing. Therefore, corporate video production is immensely important, and as an art, it has its place cemented in the digital marketing world.

A good corporate video has all the potential to be the central part of a top-notch marketing strategy. When doing so, it is equally important to understand how many viewers will perceive your content on a variety of platforms. In view of this, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, particularly concerning the length of the video you intend to make.

Things to Remember

1. Smart Phone Users

80% of internet users use smartphones for most of their internet searches. When you consider making a corporate video, you need to keep this in mind. However, you also need to know that smartphone users will only play your video if it looks engaging. To ensure this, a video that’s 2 minutes long is a ‘good-to-go’ length as far as mobile phones are concerned.

2. First 8 Second Rule

No matter where you post your video, you need to take care of the appeal your video has in the first seconds. If it doesn’t have the necessary appeal and fails to engage viewers during these crucial seconds, in all probability, you may lose a chunk of your viewer.

When producing your corporate video, make sure you add some attention-grabbing content in the first eight seconds to involve and rivet your target audience. As an example, for corporate video production in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you might feel the need to show some visuals of the corporate structures that have sprung up in recent years in Dubai because that would be relevant to your cause.

3. Corporate Video Length on Different Platforms


An advertisement can be a much shorter version of your video. It may have some of the essentials from your video, but it will be much shorter, around 7 – 10 seconds. This type of short clip is not optional for a viewer to click on; rather, it pops up for a few seconds, and the viewer sees it by default. This can be effective, but sometimes viewers complain about how invasive it is.

Company’s Webpage

If a viewer comes to your company webpage, this automatically means that the viewer is already interested in your services and is likely to invest his or her time on your platform. This allows you to take your corporate video play time up to 5 minutes. However, every second count, which means that you must add value at every instance by making your video concise and engaging.

Social Media

So far, social media platforms seem to be the best bet for marketing videos; however, every social media platform has a unique audience, and each audience ends to have different expectations when it comes to video content.

Graphics and data visualisation will be a plus point for your corporate video on these platforms. We can use the same example here as we did above, concerning corporate Film Production in Abu Dhabi, wherein you can use images of relevant structures and other assets to enhance your presentation.

Facebook: People on Facebook are quick to scroll down their newsfeed unless the settle for a unique eye-catching video. A video that lasts less than a minute is perfect for this platform.

Twitter: This platform is where people come to know about current affairs, almost as soon as they happen. Videos on Twitter should be much shorter. To get desired results, a 30-second video would be ideal for getting a maximum number of retweets.

Snapchat: Snapchat is more about personal experience. Videos on Snapchat should be more fun, entertaining and engaging in all aspect. An ideal length for your video should be no more than 2 to 3 snaps i.e. 20-30 seconds.

LinkedIn: This is a corporate social platform where people are ready to watch material relevant to the niche they operate in. Here you have the luxury of posting videos that are a bit lengthier (between 1-2 minutes).

Instagram: Viewers are attracted to this platform because it’s classy, and people tend to go for visual storytelling on this platform. There is a lot of content on Instagram, depending on how many people you follow, but that’s why videos here must be shorter and highly targeted. It’s an ideal place for videos that are no more than 30-45 seconds in length.