December 22, 2022

How To Build A Killer Brand With A Corporate Video

The video format is essential to creating a successful digital communication strategy. According to Cisco’s research, in 2020, 84% of the global internet traffic was generated by video content. Many organizations and companies are tapping into this finding as a potential source of clients. As a result, they are hiring corporate video production companies in UAE.

To date, employee portraits, promotional clips, and web series have been the traditional forms of outreach. However, compelling corporate videos using meaningful audiovisual content are a potent way to promote your organization’s brand image.


But creating an engaging and memorable video is no easy feat. This is where a leading video production company in Dubai can help.


Here we list many of the golden rules followed by leading corporate video production companies.


1. Use one video per idea.


This is an important rule you must adhere to for creating successful audiovisual content. A good corporate video will communicate one message. Not two or a few! If you’re scratching your head with this one, the reason is simple. When you try to implement too many themes in a single video, you will lose the audience’s attention. In fact, it creates an information overload.


The one-video-one idea rule projects a clear and decisive answer that meets your company’s objective. It also offers better visibility. What if you have ten messages you need to get across? As a leading video production company in Dubai, we recommend creating ten corporate videos.


2. Explain your story.


To create a gripping corporate video, stick to a narrative structure. This looks like, “Once upon a time, our organization……”. Also called storytelling, it has the ability to make your message impactful, stronger, and memorable.


Avoid heavily scripted, classic corporate videos. These look robotic and are usually off-putting. They don’t look authentic. Viewers are turned off by the presenter’s fake smile and over-practiced lines.

Keep it real. Your scripted message should resound with your brand identity. Any reputable video production company will implement photos and video excerpts of your employees, company, customers, etc.


3. Keep the format short but sweet.


The average length of the human attention span is 8 seconds (1 second less than a goldfish!). In the age of limitless digital content, viewers are only interested in effective and quick videos. Video production companies in Dubai recommend sticking to the 90-second rule. This is the amount of time you have to deliver a precise and concise message.


However, do remember that it is relevant content that creates quality corporate videos and NOT duration.


4. Include subtitles.


A study conducted by Digiday found that 85% of Facebook videos are seen and not heard. Most viewers read the subtitles. Whatever your goals are for creating the corporate video, you must incorporate subtitles or insert suitable text to emphasize the message of your content.


5. Incorporate music.


This is the best way to arouse emotions in your target audience. Quality music will set the tone and mood for your brand’s video. It also reinforces the message. You may add music at the start or in the background or during key points of the video.


Be creative, be different.

A compelling corporate video can do more than educate customers, promote products, and close deals. It can build brand recognition and loyalty. Are you ready to do something different with your corporate video? Get in touch with The Company Films, a leading video production company in Dubai.