November 15, 2017

The Advantages of Film Production in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The Dubai – United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a cradle of film production in recent years. This article will help to shed light on why the UAE has become so popular to a global film producing elite – both big and small. This article will outline why you need to think seriously about the UAE as a filming destination, why the country is a superb environment for creativity with the right availability of local talent and finally why the government supports filmmakers. You should take advantage of filming in the UAE, and this article will help you understand why.

UAE: Why should you choose UAE for your filming and film production destination?

The single biggest draw is the now-infamous rebate. This is a 30% rebate on all big, medium and small (pre and post) production projects undertaken in the UAE. For more information on the rebate, please visit the official website. A range of films – from Mission Impossible to Star Wars along with commercials from VISA, Ford, and BMW all of which have the “Made in Dubai” stamp of approval.

A go-to destination for technical know-how and support?

The rebate is, alas, only half the story. The core draw is the ‘one-stop-shop’ that is the Dubai Film & Television Commission (DFTC) who can help filmmakers with assistance relating to permits and other key requirements both before, during and after the production process. The third and final draw is the range of studios, filming and professional assistance available courtesy of Dubai Media City and Abu Dhabi Media Zone. These tax-free media zones are creative hotspots and a major draw for filmmakers of all sizes.

Did someone say “Tax-Free”?

The availability of tax-free zones, cost-based rebates and full production support through state-of-the-art filming centres along with an easy-to-navigate national filming commission means the procedural and bureaucratic demands on producers and filmmakers are removed by the United Arab Emirates – who are open for diverse filmmakers to come and utilise these services, platforms, and environments in a way that helps them make a range of media projects.

Shooting Commercials in the UAE: Why not benefit from the region’s experience?

The creation of diverse film production, pre/post-production specialisms offered by Video Production Companies in Dubai along with generic production and post-production in Dubai support services has afforded the United Arab Emirates the honor of becoming a regional media powerbroker. If you are a marketing manager looking to create a first-rate commercial why not use the skills, specialisms and financial assistance to help you make commercials that astound your customers and clients alike?

Why would you choose to film elsewhere, unless you want snowy backdrops (and they’ve got the green screens to help with that too)?

The range of services available at means the benefits are munificent whilst the negatives are hard to discern. The UAE is fast becoming a global media player, by providing the right environment for filmmakers to flourish, they have created the space for greatness to be conditioned. Why not consider Dubai or the wider UAE region as the location for your next commercial endeavor? You’d be joining BMW, Suzuki, Lipton’s Iced Tea, Sony and other brand leaders who have used the eye-opening backdrops of the UAE to help market their wares worldwide.