November 28, 2017

Understand the power of brand emotion – Feelings sell, and here’s why?

If you are developing a commercial Video Production, it is crucial that you understand the power of emotional filmmaking in helping to enhance your brand’s overall tone and feeling. The camera can help convey emotion; through a range of different production approaches – from the angle used, the distanced deployed or even the frame composition dynamics. This article can help anyone involved in the development of a commercial video production project understand the power of emotion.

Make it personal – Why it’s time to give your brand an emotional side

Branding is important but commercial filmmakers, and developers/marketers therein, might not be so familiar with how brand loyalties are developed and nurtured through the power of filmmaking. By understanding brand loyalties, it is perhaps the right time to give your brand an emotional makeover. Utilizing film could be a great way of elucidating a new functional approach to emotive branding?

Mood – Always utilize the power of emotive deployment

Mood, or feeling, are emotions and imprinting emotion on any scene is difficult as it is singularly compounded by its deployment in each scene. The composition of the shot, and the emotive nuance of the background, foreground, and everything in-between can help to communicate brand-led emotive statements.

Meaning is everywhere – from diversity to empty space. It adds meaning. The context of subtlety helps to further enhance the importance of the emotive power of the frame as a conceptual experience. The professional dynamics of the frame and the importance of emotion intersect when considering the broader brand developing parameters that surround commercial Corporate Video Production.

Let them do it! – Trust your makers

There is one singular problem that corporate brands fail to realize. By hyper-managing brand emotive filmmaking, it is possible to insert internal brand attributes into the project. By using an external Video Production Company, you can bypass this bias. You can help imbue your commercial with objective professionalism. So, by listing to the external creative team and director, brands can help them re-define their overall brand perspective.

This process is about leveraging feelings. Using the power of emotion to sell your products or services by using one of the most powerful mediums of emotive disruption – film. The symbiotic power of emotive filmmaking for the purposes of commercial Corporate Video Production cannot be overstated. The journey of emotionally branding a product or service can be difficult – transforming this experience onto celluloid even more so. That is why it is crucial you collaborate with a film production company that understands the power of film production ideas, theories and concepts and how to connect those abstract ideas with your organic branding experience. By marrying up these experiences, a successful commercial corporate film can be created.

Understanding the power of Frame Composition – The emotive power of the ‘frame’

Hold on! This bit gets technical but it’s for a good reason. We want you to understand how branding and the power of emotion can create powerful commercial films. Corporate filmmaking, especially in the context of commercial corporate video production, sometimes fails to understand the artistic verve of camera placement and the format in which the brand is conceptualized for the purposes of artistic choice – it is important that commercial filmmakers understand that they are choices in themselves and that the choice is a discretionary artistic impulse.

Frame composition is about how an image is framed and how internal characteristics appear in relation to the frame’s conceptual dynamics. In part, this is the mise-en-scène of frame composition. The literal deployment of such is the use of subtle colors to reduce background distraction or vice versa. This is about understanding the details and the big picture.