January 05, 2019

Corporate video production trends in Middle East to watch this year

Considering the evolution of hi-tech in the past few years, people expected the major changes in terms of media as well. In regional hubs where things seem to be more accentuated, the media trends are already contoured. One of the parts of the world that rule in the media sector is The Middle East. Since Dubai Media City and Studio City were established in this city, there’s no wonder why people always keep an eye on the media market in Dubai. This year’s focal point is represented by corporate video production, and The Middle East dictated the trends again. Here are the trends that should be watched in the near future:

Aerial videos and drones are in the center of attention

Seeing things from above seems to be the trend of the year. People and companies started to invest a lot of money into drones that can capture images from up above. Aerial videos are mesmerizing to watch, and clients seem to prefer them. Presenting the features of your corporation in a visually pleasing manner can attract more customers, in a shorter period of time. The costs of aerial videos are no longer that high, and it’s definitely an investment worth making.

Keep an eye on 4K and 360

The developments one should expect in 2019 in terms of video production refer to quality. CES 2019 will be full of surprises when referring to 4K technologies and 360-degree videos. Specialists even took into account the apparition of better 8K UHD HDR TVs. Of course, if technology advances so fast, companies must keep track of the upgrades and stick with the new trends. Creating corporate videos at the best quality out there becomes a must, and it might be costlier than before. Luckily, film production in Dubai already adopted the latest technologies for capturing videos, so you can opt for their services, which are suitable for all sorts of budgets.

GoPro videos attract clients

GoPro is the key to having people immersed in the experience. If you want to present your company from the point of view of an employee, you can use a GoPro technique to show the surroundings of the building. GoPro videos rapidly gained popularity among people and you can find at least one video production company that uses this method to present an idea from an inside point of view.

Integrated video campaigns

Video campaigns represent an important part of an integrated marketing plan that proves to be cohesive. To make it short, you can run an integrated video campaign in order to boost the sales or the popularity of a company. The TV ad scene is still a safe place for marketers, but combining it with digital ads is surely the jackpot to meet a business’ objectives. Thinking tactically and using tech advancements to come up with the greatest video campaigns is the goal of most video production companies out there, and the trend is not limited to The Middle East only.