May 31, 2018

Corporate Videos for Brand Building

There are different types of Dubai corporate videos for brand building. Before you even begin choosing a corporate video to produce, you need to have a clear picture in your head of what you want it to accomplish. The term “brand building” is all about promoting your brand and building a loyal following to it. But you need to know the most effective way to target your audience so that they will want to follow your brand. You can’t just produce a fancy looking video advertisement for your brand and think that is going to attract new followers. You need to consider your business goals and how your corporate video in Dubai will help accomplish them.

Explainer Videos

Audiences want to know the whole story of what your brand is and what its products or services can do for them. Sometimes it helps to just create explainer videos which outline all the important information about your brand. You are not just pushing a product on a customer with these videos. Your explainer video could describe the history of your brand and what its founding principles are. It could then introduce a product and describe all its features in a very descriptive and informative way.

Explainer videos can be 1 to 2 minutes long. This gives you plenty of time to provide valuable information to your audience. Just be sure to keep them entertained with fast-moving slideshows, whiteboards, and pictures while the narrator explains this information. Try to include up to 3 main points in each explainer video that you make. Overall, someone who has never heard of your brand before should be able to watch your explainer video and understand the most important aspects of it.

Interview Videos

As great as explainer videos are, sometimes they can be perceived as too pushy on the sales end. Interview videos are a great alternative because they can introduce audiences to key players in your company. It gives audiences a better feeling of your company and who is behind it. You could produce a video interview with an engineer, founder, inventor, or anyone special in the company that is the brains behind a particular product or service.

Another group of people you can interview are past customers. Basically, you can turn your interview videos into testimonial videos where customers are praising the products or services they have purchased from your company. These can be powerful videos to new potential customers that watch them for the first time. This could encourage them to want to try your products or services too because other real people have claimed it was good for them.

Animated Videos

Animated corporate videos are effective in so many ways. They allow advertisers to clearly illustrate any message they want by simply animating it. You could create a very engaging video filled with colorful characters, great humor, and a lot of entertainment. Meanwhile, the video will be explaining valuable information about the brand and what it is selling. Don’t worry though, because you don’t have to create an actual cartoon-like video. A corporate animated video is more like a video presentation. It will feel like a slideshow but with moving characters and images in the slideshow. These are much cheaper to produce than actual cartoon videos and they still prove to be effective.

Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos go a step further than interview videos in introducing key players of the company. Rather than just asking questions to one or two employees, a company culture video will show the actual offices and facilities where they work. The video will show your workers doing whatever work they normally do within your organization. The purpose of company culture videos is to give your audience a more intimate look at your organization. That way, they can develop a deeper feeling of trust for your brand.

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