December 14, 2017

Power of Commercial Video Production

The power of film is unquestionable. The late, great, Howard Suber argued that good films are reflective of ourselves, and our society at large, and that they show us a world different to our own world – a world that has values, beliefs and benefits we wish to experience. The ability to use film to change personal qualities is a tell-tale sign of the overarching power of film – especially in the context of sales. This article will explore the thematic reasons that surround the incorruptible reality that a good commercial video production is equal to a hundred individual sales staffers. It was Marvin Jolson who argued that commercials can help broaden the scope of what he then called relationship selling – what we today envisage as brand building.

The Power of Commercial Video Production

One key area of inquiry in this field of understanding the power of commercial video production is the awareness of consumer attention. Commercials work because they have the ability to nurture brand loyalties and interactions therein. Teixeira et al. argue that brand pulsing – the process of keeping total brand exposure constantly within the frame – is the central tenet of powerful commercial filmmaking. Understanding this power is one element of success. Learning to harness the power of commercial video production requires an altogether more prosaic understanding of the centrality of the relationship within the sales experience.

Relationship Selling

Relationship selling is about understanding key factors like customer orientated behavior, sales orientated behavior and adapting these concepts into a viable process-laden approach to selling. Understanding the adaptive realities of relational connections that intersect between the individual and the brand, organizations can nurture a strong relationship selling behavior from potential customers. Academics have argued that selling isn’t a predetermined process there are variables, however, the interconnected relational experience between the buyer and the brand creates avenues for positive relationship-based selling to flourish.

Why this article matters?

This article has highlighted the inescapable reality that film is powerful and that the connection between viewer and film creates a lasting reflexive relationship with long-lasting consequences. This intersects with the ideas surrounding relationship selling – the ability to nurture brand loyalties by developing a relational behavioral nexus between the brand and the customer. These two experiences can collaborate when considering the power of commercial filmmaking. TV or film commercials can elicit strong brand loyalties as they develop frameworks of trust that highlight beneficial pathways towards alternative perspectives within the customer’s worldview.

What do you need to do?

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